Labor and Employment Law Practice

Lowry Blixseth attorneys provide employment law guidance and litigate employment disputes under state and federal employment laws.

Labor and Employment Law

Scope of Labor and Employment Law Services

At Lowry Blixseth APC, we help employers comply with the various state and federal employment laws. Our attorneys litigate employment law cases ranging from wage and hour claims to discrimination and retaliation complaints under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The primary goal of our Employment Law Practice is to guide businesses toward avoiding litigation as much as possible by implementing standard operating procedures in the Human Resources Department. We also train human resources personnel with our Employee Handbook and routinely provide updates on developments in wage and hour law, discrimination laws, and employee leave rights.

We understand our duty to help you protect your confidential information from unauthorized disclosure to a third party. Our attorneys counsel businesses on the importance of employee and independent contractor confidentiality agreements, enforcement of the confidentiality restrictions, and maintaining the confidentiality of trade secrets in all forms of media. We also provide assistance with handling competitors' attempts to raid clients’ employees and litigate misappropriation of trade secret cases.